Every year, Set Wahis tennis club takes part in the Interclub Championships.

After a long and tough training during the winter season, the players are greedy to compete and win in these championships.

In order to be part of the interclub Set Wahis team, one must be a member of the club!

In 2022 no less than 11 adult teams and 6 young player teams will take part in the Interclub Championship to the greatest pleasure of the spectators that we always hope numerous.


Transfer request form

Any player affiliated in a different club during the previous summer season and whose name is on the force list of this club should make a transfer request in order to participate in the interclub championships as part of the Set Wahis team. The new club and the player should sign the document. The filled in document should be sent to AFT. The transfer period lasts from 15 December to 15 January every year. To get the form, click here.